Specialized “Thermal Diffusion Treatment” (TDT) applied HIFU device with Pen Applicator


Liftera-V is a focused ultrasound instrument. The operating principle is to transfer high frequency ultrasound pulse to concave
ceramic and focus the created ultrasound to generate thermal energy and create thermal coagulative zone.
Liftera-V’s pen applicator can lift the entire face effectively without pain.


Why Liftera?

Liftera Lifting is A non-invasive lifting and contouring treatment for the face, neck area.
It’s the first Liftera™ treatment, using the original theory of Thermal Diffusion Treatment (TDT ™) Technology.The treatment theory is able to get various types of heat energy into the skin more effectively,
and it is effective for strengthening of the skin such as face lifting, skin tightening.Unlike conventional lifting techniques,
Liftera Lifting is much lesser painful for the patient,
with intuitive design and immediate results, as well as better results in a month.

Thermal Diffusion Treatment (TDT) Technology

10Hz fast treatment (10 shots in a second)

Pen Applicator: Special Handpiece specific to treatment area

Stable & Precise Peak Power by integral applicator and digital engine

Compact Size, Easy to Carry

1.5 mm | 3.0 mm | 4.5 mm

Liftera VISION specification

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